Hey there! My name is Rachael, originally from little old Fontana, CA; currently sweating in Phoenix, AZ. I moved here in 2011 for college and there I met my best friend, Jordan (everyone say awww). I’ve never met anyone who challenges me in life, encourages me in creativity, loves to adventure (and the two most important factors) has killer taste in music and a burnin passion for Jesus like Jordan. So yea, I definitely married him. January 13th is our forever anniversary and my heart is full knowing every year will be greater than the last.

We have three children…2 of them are pugs. I love them terribly and highly recommend the breed if you don’t currently have, but want something weird and chubby in your life (the dogs that is, not my son). The other one is my sweet angel boy Jack who is our entire world.

I’ve always told myself I wouldn’t start a blog, but here we are. Creativity is a huge part of who I am, and I figured since I am so inspired by travel, music, fashion, design, words, imagery and well…life; then maybe I could start contributing to this inspiration and spark some creative fires in others as well. Feel free to correct my many spelling errors and follow along in my journey in figuring out how to be a cool mom and keep my plants alive!