Baby Boy You Stay On My Mind

First I want to say if you can’t reference the above 2003 hit song…please stop reading this and go to Spotify this second. Second, this is just a fun little post sharing our gender reveal story! Jord and I decided we couldn’t wait to find out the gender of our little walnut, so we decided to do Prenatal Testing and find out earlier. Both of our families are out of state, but conveniently my mom, Jordan and I were heading up to Seattle for the weekend which meant we would all be together.

Having to wait 2 more torturous weeks knowing the results were posted on my patient portal was brutal….but man was it worth it. We spent the day in downtown Kirkland Washington getting brunch with family and then headed down to the boat dock to start the fun. We wanted to do something really small and intimate with family and friends and decided to go with smoke cannons to avoid any mess (I highly recommend getting a couple for photos)

I was so anxious for some reason. Even though I knew there were only two options, I think I was so eager to find out because I wanted to begin the process of making that connection with my baby. I’ve heard different things from talking to mommas, but most of them have said that the connection started once they knew the gender of their baby

The countdown started….we twisted the cannon….and out came the most beautiful, perfect, majestic blue powder I’ve ever seen. IT’S A BOY!!! My heart genuinely felt like it exploded harder than that cannon. Now don’t ask me if we’ve decided on names because for the life of us we can’t. But man are we stoked to be this kid’s parents. Enjoy the pictures!


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