Some of you know that in 2009 I went on a ministry trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I was 14, and it was the first time I had ever heard about the horrors of human trafficking. I remember my stomach turning and feeling so helpless. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I was determined to help.  

That trip changed my life forever. The first several days of training and educating were some of the hardest emotionally I had ever had to process through. At 14 to learn that children are being shipped in cages across borders for sex, brothels specifically for handicapped children that tourist can come an abuse, or parents that would sell one of their children to help provide for the others. I watched men from all over the globe go in and out of these bars and brothels with women and sometimes children. It was more than I could handle. Why was nobody outraged? Why was nobody talking about this? 

It’s amazing to see so many ministries, organizations, businesses and people are having these important conversations. I think most times people are afraid to talk about it or have a hard time believing that something this horrific could exist. It does. Let me be the one to tell you how real this is. With more and more stories surfacing such as Epstein and the Wayfair rumors….people are waking up. But what do we do next? What CAN we do?

According to the 2018 Federal Human Traficking report, over half (51.6%) of the criminal human trafficking cases active in the US were sex trafficking cases involving only children.

At 14 I was angered by this injustice, now as a mother I’m outraged and my heart is broken for all those that are trapped and have no voice. Who will fight for them? Who will hear them?

If you feel lost or don’t know how to get involved, I put together a list of easy ways to start. 

1.) Educate yourself. Here are some websites that give helpful information and facts about trafficking globally and nationally. There is so much information out there but hopefully this will provide some direction.  

O.U.R. Rescue – Education

A21 – Learn More

2.) Donate to organizations that do investigative work or provide jobs and housing for survivors. Here are a few examples below:

O.U.R – Aftercare

Freedom Network – Training/Housing

Polaris Project – Long Term Solutions

3.) GET LOUD. Social media has brought about a huge awakening to this topic and we have to keep sharing. Have conversations with friends and families, participate in marches, community outreach programs, live streams etc. Be in the conversation!

4.) Purchase from businesses who support anti trafficking organizations! I have also listed several amazing shops you can purchase from that donate a portion of their proceeds to anti trafficking efforts.

Purpose Jewelry 

The Tote Project


I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I have experienced a small glimpse into this dark world and know that the only way we will see an end to it is if everyone does something to help. If you even have questions or want to talk, feel free to reach out! Keep fighting the good fight!


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