Sólheimasandur – Black Beach South Iceland

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.” ― Judith Thurman

We flew out of LAX and landed in Keflavik Airport. The flight is a straight shot and only about 8 hours so it’s definitely not bad. A lot of people asked what airline we used, we booked through WOW Airlines. If you don’t care about not having in-flight entertainment and complimentary food, I highly recommend this airline because of their affordable prices. I paid a little over $300 per ticket round trip!! 

Blue Lagoon

One of the most breathtaking and relaxing parts of our trip to Iceland. Tickets were around $90-120 per person depending on what package you get but so worth it. We spent the whole day there!


Out of what feels like hundreds of waterfalls you will see in Iceland, I will venture to say this was one of the most popular. There is a spot you can hike up that has an incredible view from the top.

Black Sand Beach

We split a rental car 3 ways, which not only made traveling more fun, it made it more affordable. Since the majority of traveling in Iceland requires a vehicle, I would recommend pricing out gas as well as how many miles you plan to put on the vehicle.


This city is so rad. The buildings are colorful and the streets are lined with the cutest shops and fun places to eat.

If you are craving coffee I would definitely recommend Reykjavík Roasters or Stofan Cafe! we tried so many different places to eat but our favorite was Uno.

A cheap snack option for us was soft serve ice cream and gas station hot dogs. I can’t exactly explain why these things were so addictive, but we made frequent stops to fill our cravings.

Haukadalur Valley

This place was so incredible! Geysers galore everywhere you look. We only waited a couple minutes in between until the next one would erupt.


This particular spot was really neat because there is a trail that loops behind the falls. It’s a great spot for pics; however, I will preface that a raincoat is recommended. YOU WILL GET VERY WET!

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  1. Bring more money than you expect to need. We saved a lot of money for this trip but all the blogs in the world couldn’t have prepared us for how expensive Iceland really is.
  2. If you have long hair and don’t want it ruined, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT let it down in the Blue Lagoon. The minerals in the water are extremely damaging and drying to your hair. Tie it up and put lots of conditioner in beforehand.
  3. Rental cars and gas can get pricey because the majority of getting around Iceland involves driving. Try to go with another person or even a group to split costs!

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