If My Life Were A Soundtrack

Most of these are playlists i’ve created and or recommendations for new Artists I’ve found and can’t stop listening to. Message me if you have music you’d like to share! 

Wild Rivers

If you love folk music, you will love these guys. Their music is soulful and catchy. I promise you won’t be disappointed! There new EP Eighty-Eight is out and every song is a banger. (Click on image to link to Spotify)

The Dip

If you love groovy music, you will love these guys. They have such a vintage Motown feel and I cannot stop listening to their hit Sure Don’t Miss you. (Click on image to link to Spotify)

500 Days of Summer 

This movie is legendary and probably not new to anyone. However, I had a coming to moment at work where I realized if my life was turned into a soundtrack…it would be 500 Days of Summer. Feel free to listen to the story of Rachael’s life. 

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