– My Favorite Autumn Ideas –

Before I start, let me just say I’m fully aware that I fit into the basic girl category when it comes to this. I 100% admit that I fall (no pun intended) prey to the holiday marketing schemes and propaganda that this season has to offer people like myself. I may also add that I’m 100% okay with that because this time of year is MY FAVORITE. I wanted to share some of my favorite finds for this year as well as some of the activities we have planned to provide some inspiration. So if you’re like me and love everything orange, brown and pumpkin, don’t you dare chai to leaf this page….sorry I’m done. 

Fall Activities

  1. Berry Picking!

A lot of farms have options to pick apples or berries this time of year and it’s such a fun family activity. Especially because you can make something yummy with my second activity!

  1. Create a cooking list

This year I made a list of snacks, meals and baked goods I want to try to make with Jack and Jord throughout Autumn. I’ll share all of my treats and the recipes I find in another blog! Try to create your own list of things you would like to try to make throughout the holiday season. It will be a cooking adventure! 

  1. Pumpkin Patch (duh) 

I feel like this one is super obvious so nothing to elaborate on here

  1. Autumn Night!

After you have your pumpkins, grab some yummy treats, put on a fall movie, and let the carving begin! Jord and I do a fall date night at home every year where we watch a movie from our annual list and carve our pumpkins from the patch. You could do a projector on the wall outside or even build a fort inside. It’s always fun when you have some ciders or snacks. 

  1. Changing Leaves

Here is AZ we are not surrounded with the beauty of the changing colored trees so we have to travel a bit. In Flagstaff, AZ they have the ‘leaf-o-meter’, and it will tell you the best times to see the pretty changing leaves. I’ve wanted to go every year and we’ve missed it so this year it’s a must! 

  1. Halloween Costume Night 
  1. Plan a Weekend Trip 

We are thinking of taking a weekend to Utah or renting a cabin up north. It’s such a good opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather! 

Last but not least, here Is My Fall Movie List! Pick a couple each week and plan a fun dinner or Fall craft around it!


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