– My Hospital Packing List –

I can’t be the only crazy expecting mother who starts thinking about her hospital packing list the second she finds out she’s pregnant? Maybe?…. I talked to so many mothers and read countless blogs. But when all was said and done, I realized that even though the hospital will have almost everything we need to survive our stay, I would still prefer to be as comfortable as possible, considering I will be going through one of the most uncomfortable situations ever! So granted, everything I share is my personal preference along with advice from recent mamas.

I will be sure to include the shopping links to all of these products, as well as include added items I put in my bags but didn’t put on the list above! Let’s start with Mom’s hospital bag!

First of all, I have no appropriate luggage (especially for a weekend stay at the hospital). I did some research and found the perfect weekender bag from Birdling Bags. It has built in compartments and the perfect amount of space for everything on my list! I know hospitals have pretty much everything you need, but again, I know myself and I prefer to feel comfortable with my own things. I made sure to pack really loose comfortable clothing and my own toiletries.

So many moms told me that the postpartum mesh underwear they give you at the hospital is super uncomfortable, so I decided to bring my own. Along with a super soft robe and nightgown, I packed a second outfit for leaving the hospital. BLANQI makes these postpartum everyday leggings that helps support your core and they are oh-so soft! I snagged a pair of these, an oversized sweater, some vans and a knit beanie from Madewell for leaving the hospital.

Another thing that has been a lifeline throughout my pregnancy has been essential oils. I made sure to pack some lavender and eucalyptus to help me relax during labor. Below is a link to all the exact items in my bag.

I purchased my diaper bag from Ella Dane because I absolutely fell in LOVE with the look as well as all of the compartments that make it so easy to stay organized. I will link all of his clothes and accessories below! Some additional essentials I made sure to include in the diaper bag are hand sanitizer, my water bottle, gum, wallet and keys.

Last but never the least, who could forget about Dad. When I first asked Jordan to pack his hospital bag he said to me “Oh, it’s fine I’ll pack it before we leave..I’ll only need a couple of things”. After we talked to some of our recent (less rested) fathers, they highly suggested a couple of important things to make dads stay more comfortable.

The countdown now begins! We have the carseat strapped in, bags packed, and at 39 weeks today this little guy is ready to bust loose. Feel free to share any thoughts or comments below 🙂


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