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Nesting is such real thing. How weird is it that mama birds will start collecting twigs and grass to form a cozy little home for their babies, and just the same, us mamas start cleaning and creating a special place for our little humans. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be decorating a room for my first born son! It’s weird to even say that out loud. 

I wanted the nursery to feel like an escape. When mom and dad have sleepless trips over to baby’s room, I wanted it to feel like a whimsical dream! I chose neutral colors with gray, mustard and brown accents (which happen to be some of my favorite colors) I also pulled inspiration from a lot of nordic themes that are oh so charming. 

We started collecting little wooden knick knacks from online shops and the local Phoenix farmers market. I really love the natural wood look and think it goes perfect with warm accent colors! Each drawer has it’s own purpose. One for blankets and swaddles, another for his bath towels, wash cloths and bath products, with the last for feeding. I have my Elvie breast pump along with burping clothes and feeding pillow.

Since music is such a big part of our household our story and my passions, I wanted to make sure that we incorporated that in our little man’s room. The white guitar is from Little Cottonwood. They have the CUTEST kid’s musical instruments that are really affordable. This guitar is all sold out, but they have so many other options that are definitely worth checking out! I decided to put his pacifiers in a cute little glass jar to keep them clean and have them easily accessible.

SURPRISE. We were going to wait to share his name, but if you are reading this blog, you have the inside scoop! Finding a boy name we both loved and agreed on was really hard. Not only did the name sound great, but the meaning was even more significant. The name Jack means “God is gracious” which speaks a whole lot of truth in both of our lives.

There is nothing like a warm cozy chair to help you fall asleep when you are sleep deprived. We found this ivory linen swivel chair at World Market and it’s genuinely the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. We decided to go with a swivel instead of a rocker due to the corner placement and to make it easier to rock baby without doing an ab workout.

I wanted to include some little things in his room that were specially made by mama. For the pennant banner, I bought felt and string from Michaels, cut out several double-sided triangles and sewed them together!

I fell in love with the dresser from IKEA! It was exactly what I was picturing for his room and went great with the lightwood theme. We decided to make the dresser a simple changing table, of course we had to include the Hatch Baby Grow which tracks the babies weight as well as how much they are feeding. Not to mention it’s super easy to keep clean.

The top two drawers I organized to be changing ready. Diapers, wipes, baby powder, lotion, oil, hand sanitizer and additional grooming essentials.

IKEA also sells boxed dresser organizers that fit perfectly. This really helped me reduce the amount of wasted space and simplify all of his clothes.

I found these cutie little pennant flags from Etsy, and put them next to Jack’s bed. I love how they tied his room together and added a personal touch.

Bob Dylan is one of my favorite artists of all time. Going along with incorporating musical themes in his nursery; this little pennant from Etsy was the perfect addition that I just couldn’t pass up.

I really wanted to have a canopy over Jacks crib, but all of the ones I found online were so expensive. Instead, we purchased a cheap yellow one from Walmart, and tried dyed it dark grey. It turned out to be the perfect mustard color I was looking for.

I absolutely loved all the felt baby mobiles I found online, but yet again couldn’t commit to the price tag. Instead, I went to Michaels, purchased some felt balls, neutral string, a big needle and a wire ring. The whole thing cost me around $10! Here is a link for inspiration!

I’m so thrilled with how his nursery turned out and can’t wait to continue to add to it’s charm! Now it’s time to bring our little guy home.


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  1. Kim Henry
    October 31, 2019 / 6:07 am

    I love your sweet blogs! So gifted an talented. Proud of you my girl!

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