Quality Time In Quarantine

As most of the world hunkers down inside, working from home, practicing social distancing and spending quality time with family, I’m sure you are like me and flexing those creative muscles. If anything, I feel like these unique circumstances we are living in will hopefully teach us alternative ways of making memories and staying connected. I wrote down a list of some things I wanted to try, to keep us from going crazy while in quarantine, and I thought I would share them in case you’re looking for some fresh ideas!

  1. Backyard Camping

Jord and I have been wanting to camp before it gets too hot in AZ. Since we are confined to our house for a short while, we decided to make the most of the outdoors in our backyard! We bought a cheap tent, gathered some blankets from the house and hung out around the campfire.

  • Build a Fort

Not everyone has a backyard or an area that works for camping. Something Jord and I do every once in a while is build a fort our living room. You can pull your mattress or couch together, hang blankets from the ceiling with pretty twinkle lights, get some popcorn, turn on a movie on your laptop, tv or projector, and spend the night as if you’re camping indoors!

  • Games

I know a lot of people have been doing this, but it truly has been so fun to learn new games together. Even in small groups (6 feet apart of course). Heck banana grams is even making me a better speller. 

  • Day Trip Somewhere New 

While I know parts of the world are still confined indoors. Those that have the ability to take a walk on a les crowded nature trail….do it! Fresh air can do the body and mind well. 

  • Learn A New Recipe! 

There are so many yummy ideas on the internet. Cook something new and exciting that maybe you normally wouldn’t. For me, baking will be a new and exciting challenge.

  • Pizza Night

Play some Dean Martin, pour yourself some wine or pellegrino and make your own personal pizzas! You can either get pre-made pizza crust or make your own.

  • Oscar Winning Movies 

This has always been on my bucket list to watch every Oscar winning movie for best picture! It will keep you busy that’s for sure! 

  • Exercise

I struggle with motivation most days. I think it can be really difficult to work out especially when you are cooped up at home. Purchase some dumbbells and bands online and get some of your friends to join your group and help you stay motivated. I signed up for a 6 week workout class that my friends invited me to and it’s helped me get excited about staying in shape again.

  • Learn a New Hobby

Painting, crochet, instruments! There’s so much time to learn something new so why not start now! Take a trip to a craft store or a music shop with your family, I promise you won’t regret it!

  • Make a Photo Album

The beginning of this year I had the idea to make a photo album of the previous year. I have so many pictures on my phone and computer and nowhere to put them but social media. I use to scrapbook pictures and look at them with my family. Having a physical copy of beautifully displayed memories is such a great way to reflect on life! There are so many cool websites where you can create photo album books. I would recommend Artifact Uprising

  • Spring Cleaning

Get rid of clothes and house items. It feels good to simplify your home especially when you spend so much time living in it. Sometimes a good purging of your stuff makes for lighter living.

  • Rearrange Your Home!

Feng shui is HUGE. I swear just moving some chairs and plants around will make your space feel brand new!

  • Garden

You can buy some pots and small plant beds just about anywhere. You can either have them by a window with lots of light, on your patio or in your backyard if you have one! Our garden has been thriving and it’s really encouraging when you start to see everything grow!

I hope my simple little ideas inspire you to try something new and make the most of the season of life. Thanks for reading!


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